Many years ago I saw Dr. Douglas for my ankles. I was nearly in a wheel chair due to my ankles becoming more and more disjointed over most of my life, in fact they were sticking out about 2 inches from the rest of my feet. It was painful. More than the pain, I was getting closer to not being able to walk. There was no surgical solution. I was going to be in a wheel chair. Just about the time I was fearing the worst during my treatments, that my tissue would not come back, we saw evidence on ultrasound that it was finally starting to grow! Within 3 more treatments I had completed treatment and was no longer facing a future in a wheel chair. In my case, it was a miracle. I'm now in my late 50's and lead a normal life. Male from Augusta, GA




I thought my mom, in her 80's, would never be able to brush her own hair or do the dishes or clean house ever again. Her doctors told her that she had "frozen" shoulders. Someone at work told me to take her to Dr. Douglas. After a few treatments, I noticed that my mom was starting to garden again! Once she had finished treating, she could do the simple things like getting dressed without any duress. Too often we assume we will never be able to return to a normal life once our joints begin to break down. I've learned this doesn't have to be the case as long as the right treatment is done and with the right doctor. Grateful daughter in Denver!




My first time out skiing, I fell on a bunny hill! My pelvis was broken in 3 places. Once it healed, I thought I'd be fine. Little did I know that the connective tissue had to heal as well. Dr. Douglas told me several ligaments and tendons had been stretched and weakened in the fall. It wasn't long before I was biking and running again. Thanks again! Jen from the Springs




Wow, what a difference it makes getting multiple joints treated. I went to a prolo doctor who only wanted to treat my low back. Dr. Douglas found that both of my hips, my left knee, and my cervical spine were all contributing to my pain and difficulty in getting up and down stairs and many other activities. I have a couple of treatments left to go and FINALLY I'm able to do all activities with full strength and range of motion. I want my adult kids who live in Denver to have their joints treated too, knee and elbow injuries. Female now living in South Carolina




I've had terrible injuries over the years so much so that I was half bent over for about 10 years. I was still able to manage many parts of my ranch but it took a toll. Not only was I able to get out of pain but I'm nearly perpendicular to the ground without any effort. My wife used to worry about me driving because it got to the point I could barely see over the steering wheel. The trips from Nebraska to get treatment were not only worth it but I'm a much happier person as I head into retirement. JD in Nebraska




I suffered a whiplash a few years ago at age 22. All of my doctors told me there was nothing wrong with me other than a little sprain. Five years later and a lot of psychiatric meds to fix what wasn't wrong with my neck, I'm now off the meds and 100%. It took a number of prolo/PRP treatments to my neck and upper back and some supplements but I'm well and thriving. I feel lucky. So many people are stuck with the fact that none of the experts (at least the ones I saw) think whiplash can cause so many problems. They tell patients "it will heal on it's own and it takes only 3 months". Just a gal from the Western Slopes no longer on psyc meds




I was nearly killed in a car accident. I was on my way home from work and was broadsided by a driver running a red light. I had multiple therapies to get me walking again however there were leftover strain patterns that no amount of exercise or massage would alleviate. I looked into stem cell but I also called Dr. Douglas' because she came highly recommended by my chiropractor and massage therapist. I decided to get an assessment with Dr. Douglas. She diagnosed a number of torn ligaments and tendons. She explained that stem cell was not the approach she recommended. She recommended using my own platelets and doing a technique I'd not heard about, prolotherapy. The prolo directs the body to regenerate tissue where it is weak and the platelets tell the body what cells and nutrients to send for more thorough regeneration. After treating, I still enjoy massage but I don't need it for relief from pain and weakness. As far as exercise, there are no restrictions and no muscle tightness or weakness. I feel fully recovered physically from the car accident. Still working on the trauma from the experience but making headway. Helen




Over the past 19 years I have seen Dr. Douglas for different issues. The first time was for my knees. The next time was for my elbow and wrist. I recently fell skiing and hurt my shoulder. I call her my secret healing potion because she always helps my joints finally heal. Of course I tell everyone about her so she's not so secret. I can't imagine seeing anyone else, I hope she never retires! Dale K.




I've had 9 surgeries to several joints: back, knees, hips, neck and shoulders. I have so many artificial parts I'd say I have about 60% of my natural joints left. When I heard about regenerative treatments for joints I didn't think I was a candidate. I decided to get a consult with Dr. Douglas anyway. She showed me areas she could inject while not injecting near any of the artificial parts. It took me by surprise but I could understand what she was recommending as she showed me on ultrasound. I can't get my natural joint tissues back but I'm doing a lot better than I could have imagined. Keep up the good work Dr. Douglas! Pierre




If it hadn't happened to me, I would not have believed how bad a thumb sprain could get. I spent years with my thumb worsening. I had to stop picking up anything, even a pen. I saw a long line of hand doctors and others. I just couldn't do surgery and after 1 cortisone shot that did nothing but irritate my thumb and hand for a couple of weeks, I decided to look for a different type of injection therapy as an alternative to cortisone in an attempt to reduce pain. Fortunately I was talking to someone flying out of DFW who had seen Dr. Douglas for a thumb sprain and was completely cured. The bonus, Dr. Douglas was in Colorodo near my office! I promptly set an appointment. I was pleased that she didn't find my case too difficult as I had wrist and elbow involvement as well. I'm 6 months past treatment and my thumb feels normal. I have normal strength and it no longer hurts. I now tell everyone I can about my experience. Shelley M. age 49




I'm an orthopedic doctor who treats with Dr. Douglas. I work for a hospital and am not allowed to refer my patients to prolo doctors. I know other doctors who have had successful prolotherapy but like me they are not willing to jeopardize their job security by sharing information with patients about their personal experinces with regenerative joint medicine. I don't know what it will take to change the orthopedic field from predominately surgical and steroid interventions to using regenerative medicine whenever possible but I'm certain it will likely not be surgeons spearheading a shift. Fortunately I am in the mainstream these days when I add platelets during surgery and when the patient chooses, I will inject platelets instead of cortisone into the joint space but I am not allowed to perform regeneration of the connective tissues, specifically prolotherapy to ligaments and tendons even though I've personally been treated successfully and I am knowledgeable as to the effectiveness of this treatment as a physician.  Name withheld




I went to a clinic that offered stem cell treatments to treat my knee. I actually needed both knees treated but I couldn't afford to pay extra. The doctor treated once and then told me to come back if I continued to have issues. I went back within 6 weeks. The doctor offered a second treatment at a reduced price but I decided to look elsewhere. I landed on Dr. Douglas' clinic quite by accident, a neighbor had seen her. Dr. Douglas treats very differently than the other doctors I had contacted and treated with. She determines all joints that require treatment and doesn't charge extra to treat extra joints. Within a few treatments I not only had success with both knee joints but also my low back and both of my ankles were strong again. I feel like I just got an entire upgrade to my body and can now get back to all of my activities! Cory in Denver




Ever been told that it's your cartilage that is the problem? That it's the cause of the loss of strength in your joint? Ever been told it's a compressed nerve causing your pain? Ever heard from your orthopedic doctor that a disc is out of place and that's your problem? How about that it's all in your head? Perhaps you've been told that you just have to live with the pain. And you may have even heard that regenerative injection treatments for joints has yet to be proven to work. Yes, I was told all that and more. Nothing fixed my problems, not supplements targeted to the joints, not exercise or PT, not diet, not the multitude of therapies that treat the muscles and joints. I'm living pain free now though. It's all because I kept going until I found what does work. I had prolotherapy once a month to repair my knees, back and neck. Yes, I can say 100% it works. I've spoken with a number of Dr. Douglas' patients over the months I treated. it's the same for them. My husband is about to start treating. I'm glad. His pain has been more debilitating than mine. A true believer from Kansas 




I've had a painful jaw, both sides. It started after oral surgery. I've had appliances, sleep aides, had to eat mostly through a straw at times, difficulty swallowing, tinnitus and teeth misalignments that several dentists did not resolve. After treating with prolo and my own platelets, all but a mild and painless clicking remains. Even my teeth were able to be aligned with mild tweaks from my dentist. I'm seeing Dr. Douglas for some follow up osteopathy and if needed I will have some prolo on my neck to resolve the remaining issue. I've come a long ways. Jan from Utah




Even though I'd had 3 ACL grafts on my left knee, Dr. Douglas was able to treat my knee to the point that I can now downhill and cross country ski like I used to. I have no more problems with full flexion, rotation and pivoting on black diamond runs. At the end of the season I'm going to do some preventative treatments on my other knee and possibly some other joints. Sam, a native from Grand Junction




I have not treated yet but I'm saving funds to spend some time in the states so that I can treat. I have several colleagues who have treated with Dr. Douglas and swear by the positive outcome. My case is quite unique and I don't want to entrust it to just anyone. I have a condition that grows scar tissue instead of healthy connective tissue. I hope to see her soon. I am from Dubai




This is my simple story, I'm a gymnast, what can not go wrong? I'm about mid way through treatment and there are some good days and bad but I can tell I'm making progress. I will finish treatment. I'm determined. In the mean time I'm mostly swimming and walking until my joints can handle routines again. I know that if my activities were not so strenuous I could continue doing them through treatment because my parents were able to play golf and ski during their treatments. Anxious to return to full activities, 16 year old female





I've learned a lot from Dr. Douglas and her team. I'm a PT (physical therapist). I've performed dry needling and a lot of pre and post surgery therapy for patients. I have never been able to understand why PT doesn't improve joint weakness better than it does, even when personal training, Pilates, and yoga are a part of the protocols. Clients do make incremental improvements but really nothing significant even with pro athletes unless their joint issues are minor. I was in for an awakening when I had a severe knee injury. I waited about 6 months, doing everything I knew to avoid surgery but nothing was putting me back on track. I knew some other PTs who had recommended Dr. Douglas to clients so I went for a consultation. It's been 3 years since I treated successfully. I've had an education first hand as to what works for getting joints, ligaments and tendons back to full strength and range of motion. I now recommend all of my clients with challenging joint issues see Dr. Douglas. I'm thoroughly satisfied, Tony B., PT




Simple, the body regenerates but sometimes needs a little help. The joints do not reverse degeneration without the right treatment. I don't know anyone who has been able to get back their joints fully once they've started to significantly degenerate with any other treatment other than prolotherapy, including me. I tried everything out there other than surgery and cortisone but without satisfaction. My mother came to a treatment with me once and now she's a patient. My wife has come with me frequently and she is planning on treating. My kids do not live in the area but they and their spouses are seeking treatment where they live, unfortunately they haven't found anyone in their state who is similar to Dr. Douglas. I'm lucky to be local. I've spoken to a number of her patients and many of them travel long distances. Duane in the Denver area




No more suffering after 40 years!! Betty Lou from Oklahoma



After taking a little blood from me and spinning it in a machine, Dr. Douglas does a series of injections, some with a light anesthetic and some with my platelets. I am able to get off the table and drive back to the airport. Such an easy and almost painless process so I can have my life back. Way too young to not have a life, from Dallas



Thanks for the information by email! I'm looking forward to my first treatment in Colorado! Not quite a patient yet




I've passed your information along to my preceptors! I'm a resident in general medicine. I have no idea if they will be interested but I related my story of prolotherapy success to them and that it is the reason I've been able to attend medical school and pursue the career I want. Thank you so much for treating me and for reaching out to congratulate me when I graduated! Loren




I wish you could treat my dog! But thanks for treating me and for getting me off a walker. Sincerely Beth PS you'd like my little terrier, he's got the bad hind legs















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