Regenerative Solution


 Ligaments and Tendons unraveling? Cartilage disintegrating? Nerves fried?



Recent Injury? Degeneration? Bone on Bone?


Imagine and Manifest
Imagine moving, walking, flexing, lifting, working, playing again with full motion, strength and function.
You have found the solution to degenerating joints: knees, shoulders, hips, back, neck,  elbows, wrists, thumbs, hands, feet and ankles - all joints.
Like our patients who have regenerated and returned to a life of vibrant movement and strength of function, if you have injured and degenerated joints, you too can manifest a return to musculoskeletal joint health.
With regenerative treatment, your body regenerates healthy joints. Your ability to regenerate the musculoskeletal - which has either degenerated over time or recently been injured, strained, sprained or torn - is innate. You need the right treatment stimulus to start and complete the return to musculoskeletal health.
With Regenerative Solution you have the opportunity to return all joints that have been injured, weakened, and have become stiff and limited to healthy strength and function.
Manifest the health you desire.


Our mission and commitment
Nothing brings us more joy than patients who can walk, hike, bike, ski, dance, move, work and play again with vibrancy and strength. Our mission is to assist you in manifesting the healthiest you that you have ever been. We assist you in reaching your goal of musculoskeletal health by supporting your body's innate process and ability to regenerate. This does not occur with surgery or pain and anti-inflammatory medication and injections. It occurs with stimulation of your body's ongoing process of cell and tissue renewal by regeneration of the cells and tissues. Often, with degeneration, there is an overall malaise, fatigue, loss of joy. The immune system can suffer, becoming depleted. Autoimmune issues may begin. We are committed to helping you find your way back to overall health while returning strength and flexibility to weakened and damaged joints. Our solution is your solution - your body's ability to regenerate. The ability to regenerate brings about the constant renewal of life - it is the body's solution to ill health and injury. It is your solution.
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